Matthew’s Review Matthew’s Review

Initial Impressions When I first open the page I see the sub header under Marios Tziortzis that says “thoughts, photos and whatnot”. This leads me to believe this is a personal website. As I scroll down I become aware the site looks very WordPress-esque and the two column layout is familiar to me. Ah hah! […]

Redd’s Review of Redd’s Review of

My first impression of this site is that it is very artistic looking. I like the design and the colors very much. It seems well thought out and well put together. It is professional, while at the same time showing a lot of personality. One of the first things that I see is the three […]

Andrew’s review of Andrew’s review of

I immediately notice the color scheme and the logo. The typography is crisp and the man standing nearby gives me a comfortable feel. I can tell this is a personal site. The subheading “Thoughts, photos, and whatnot” is inviting and succinct. The navigation is clear. I like the effect around the photos and the content […]

David’s Review of David’s Review of

The banner for Marios Tziortzis website is well placed. So long as it’s mostly for personal use, the name is not a huge problem. The purpose of Marios Tziortzis Personal Site ( is to promote his work, his photography, and to claim his space on the Internet. I’m going to review this in my ordinary […]