David’s Review David’s Review

Outdoor Advantage Online is a straightforward online shop for buying fishing lures, providing what you tend to expect when purchasing items over the net. By fixing some minor flaws, Outdoor Advantage could build a much more trustworthy user experience. My Usability Test The first thing I see when I load is the Outdoor Advantage […]

Matthew’s Review Matthew’s Review

When I first visit I reach a page that seems to be a video player. A video is playing, but what is it? My first impression of the site makes right click, and sure enough… it’s flash! I am sure UX Booth will feature a post on the usability of flash sites later. First […]

Andrew Maier’s Review Andrew Maier’s Review

My initial impression is very good. I’m looking at site that obviously emphasizes design. The colors on the page work really well together. What more, the content area is a stark black and white, and that draws my eye right to it. Nicholas Patten uses a simple video player for his site Unfortunately, when I […]

Usable User Accounts Usable User Accounts

The user account is the cornerstone of every web application. The author details his experience creating and refining user accounts. Following best practices and common sense, the author yields a set of guidelines to use when designing your own user-account section.

David’s Review David’s Review is the portfolio of Nicholas Patten, a video editor, director of photography, and web designer. While his work speaks for itself, there are some basic changes that could be made to make his portfolio more accessible — changes we can all apply to our own work. Heavier than Expected The very first thing I […]