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Prevent feature-creep by focusing on users’ goals

: Feature-creep or featuritis is a tendency to constantly add features which inevitably leads to complex products that are confusing and hard to use. To make matters worse, by adding features we move the product away from solving primary issues – the reason for making the product in the first place. Some products are even […]

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The ultimate User Experience book league table

: Since setting up my little pet project @UXBooks I’ve been meaning to write a related blog post but haven’t managed to put aside the time until now. At a similar time to me setting it up UXBookClubs started to pop up around the World. :

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Sketching to Communicate

: As a web designer I’ve always felt that I’d somehow cheated the system, having been absent on the day God handed out the ability to draw. I didn’t study fine art, I don’t have a natural talent to effortlessly knock out a realistic bowl of fruit beside a water jug, and yet somehow I’ve […]

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UI Placeholders Confuse Users and Corrupt Engineers’ Souls

: Putting “placeholders” in the application user interface is a bad practice that conflicts with Agile development methodology, confuses users, gives engineers a false sense of accomplishment, and should be banned. If a feature or object isn’t serving some purpose today, it shouldn’t be in the user interface at all. :

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Facebook recruits for user research…on Facebook

: Apple always gets flack for not conducting user research (even though that’s a myth — it’s market research they don’t conduct). Apparently Facebook doesn’t feel the same way about keeping their research under wraps. I recently happened upon an interesting page on Facebook where they allow people to apply to participate in user research […]

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