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Skype Beta for Mac’s Usability Failings

: As a designer, one of my favorite activities is complaining about poor design. Websites are my first victims, but even mundane objects such as microwaves and electric kettle are not immune from my piercing criticism. :

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The 5 Biggest Interface Screw ups of 2010

: Over the past several months, I’ve been funneling my keen eye for awful interface design into a blog, User Interfucked. Interestingly to readers of UX Movement, it should come as no surprise, a vast wealth of terrible interfaces are not just door handles and kitchen cabinets — they’re right here on the web. For […]

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UX: The Enemy Within

: I remember the first time I heard the phrase “information architecture.” It was in the technical communication program at RPI, in a conversation with the department chair about my enthusiasm for combining my love of clear writing, making outlines, and labeling my file folders with what I was then just discovering: a whole new […]

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