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A plea for progressive enhancement

This is vitally important people so listen up. The web now connects a third of our planet. Over 1.2 billion people [1] use the web on devices, and this number is rising fast. Mobile already amounts to close to 6.5% of web traffic worldwide, and large sites such as Facebook and YouTube routinely report mobile […]

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Defining Community

When you hear the word ‘community’, what is it that comes to mind? For most people, it’s a vague image of a group of people but… with something more there. So, the job title Online Community Manager doesn’t really conjure up any clearer an image. Thankfully, I put together a book to make it easier.

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Competing With an Archetype

There’s an interesting post over at TechCrunch discussing the current hot topic of the iPad design — or more specifically: how Apple has created a design for a tablet that is so simple and obvious that their competition has no other way forward but to implement their own products the same way, suffering Apple lawsuits […]

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