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What Testing Won’t Tell You

By March 25, 2014
What Testing Won’t Tell You

What do users think and feel while setting up an online store? This week, Lynsey Thornton from Shopify tells us what the Shopify team learned while investigating this very question.


By March 18, 2014

The conversation surrounding what content management systems and their accompanying WYSIWYG editors do, could do, and should do is a complex one, with myriad potential solutions. This week, Marli Mesibov brings us up to speed on the arguments for – and against – the next generation of WYSIWYG.

Designing Digital Strategies, Part 1: Cartography

By February 3, 2014

As digital products and services come to comprise an increasingly important part of our everyday life, the division between the digital and the physical begins to blur. We can, for instance, see a washing machine on TV, read reviews of it online, purchase it on our phone, and have it installed by our local shop—all […]

Realizing Empathy, Part 1: Art

By January 21, 2014

Empathy is a curious, human capacity that pervades the worlds of both art and design. In this article, the first of a three-part series, author Seung Chan Lim (Slim) explores the direct relationship between making art and realizing empathy.

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