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The Value of Modern-Day Mentorship The Value of Modern-Day Mentorship

In school we looked to teachers for advice and mentorship. But out in the "real world," designers need to find alternative ways to continue to learn. This week, author Ximena Vengoechea explains how to get value out of modern-day mentorships.

Preparing Users for a Future of Wearables (Part 1) Preparing Users for a Future of Wearables (Part 1)

Wearable technologies — such as Google Glass — present not only a direct user experience challenge, but also a social experience challenge. How are individuals wearing these new technologies perceived? How do they perceive themselves? In part 1 of this 2—part series, Associate Professor Nick Bowman explores social implications of wearable technology, and in part 2, shares results of a study conducted by his communication technology team.

FullStory FullStory

We're always excited to welcome a new resource to the community. This week we're showing off FullStory, a platform that lets you watch and understand how real users are interacting with your site.

Are Users The New Designers? Are Users The New Designers?

In 2010, James Bridle discovered that his Apple iPhone was collecting and storing his location data. The experience brought him to the realization that as a user, his actions were actually helping to design the experience he had. This week, author Paul Blackburn shows how the roles of user and designer will become more intertwined, as IoT technology becomes commonplace in our daily lives.