Interaction design is the process of identifying the path a user ought to take, and the most simple, useful actions that will send him or her along that path.

Making Simple Ideas Simpler Making Simple Ideas Simpler

A usable site needs to be easy to learn, intuitive to use, and memorable. But it should also be simple! This week, author Jenny Reeves helps us deconstruct user interactions, and find the path to simplicity.

User Stories: A Foundation for UI Design User Stories: A Foundation for UI Design

User stories are bite-size snippets that highlight the true goals of an application throughout the design process. This week, author Tom Brinton shows us how even a lightweight implementation of user stories benefits UI design process.

Fat Footer Roundup Fat Footer Roundup

Large sites with complex navigation ranging from Disney to the White House are using fat footers - but why? This week, UX Booth takes a look at fat footers: the good and the bad, the old and the new, and how they improve site UX.