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January UX Roundup

Welcome to the first official monthly UX Roundup! During January I followed twitter and my feed reader to find some amazing links for you all. I hope you enjoy them!

Let the links begin!

Since this is our first monthly roundup I did include a couple links that predate January. However, I hope you like them all the same! Without further ado, the stars of the show:

Mozilla Collects User Data for Usability Testing

In an effort to collect usability feedback, Mozilla is collecting user data on a voluntary basis. The article even mentions that the testing platform will be available to the public!

5 Design Decision Styles. What’s Yours?

A simple difference in the E-Commerce stores of REI and L.L. Bean customers ordered boots more readily through REI. This post discusses different design styles and explains how each work.

The Science and Art of User Experience at Google

An Engineering Director at Google who manages Google’s user experience team discusses the Art of User Experience at Google.

Paying Attention to Website Accessibility

Ray Gulick discusses usability and web accessibility and compares it to the laws that require buildings to be handicap accessible. He discusses there are no such laws for websites in the US yet, while Britain has had such laws for 4 years.

UX Fund Matures, Up 39.3%

Doubt the importance of UX? This study follows businesses who take UX seriously and sees a direct correlation their stocks doing well as a result.

User Experience: quotes

This tumblr posts UX quotes such as the following: Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect — Benny Hill.

Jared Spool re-convinces me that UX Matters

Jared Spool convinces Josh Holmes that UX does matter. The article discusses making sure you understand your users and other important UX tips.

The $300 Million Button

Changing a button increased a site’s annual revenues by $300 Million! This article details the process.

10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques

Smashing Magazine does it again with a post detailing simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces. Take tips from how these Web Applications have made users happy.

Easy as 1,2,3?

This article profiles what place ‘1, 2, 3’ links have in web design. Learn when to use them, when not to use them, and alternatives!

Seven Commandments of User Experience

Seven simple rules that will lead to a better user experience.

No E-Commerce Glitches Here; Keep Moving

This article profiles the loss of sales E-Commerce sites had over the year. Statistics break down exactly what user experiences lead to the downfalls.

Cultural differences from the user’s point of view – User Friendly 2008 Report

People often perceive the same thing differently. The typical home page in some cultures can be very different than what you expect. Learn some differences across cultures.

Three Unforgivable Usability Sins

Three things to avoid when designing systems. Find out what to avoid and an in depth look into why and how to avoid it.

Userability: Seriously Seeking UX Questions

Userability is a new weekly podcast that answers any user experience or design questions you can come up with.

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design

Whitney Hess has created quite the buzz with this article! She has even said her dad now finally understands what she does. Learn common misconceptions about user experience design.

Press Area Usability

Journalists are asked about Press Area Usability. They are looking for a particular type of website and grow impatient finding bloated sites or a lack of a PR contact.

10 Beautiful Web UI libraries

Applications with a great UI commonly lead to a great user experience. Become inspired by these 10 beaufitufl Web UI libraries.

The Extended Brain, Search Marketing & User Experience Design

Kim, a Usability Consultant, details how UX plays a role in search marketing and user experience design.

Good site search – quick tips

Read some quick tips to improve your site search.

Defining User Experience pt.4

Aaron discusses sacrificing usability for visual appeal and how to avoid it.

Feedback Army Review

Dmitry describes a new feedback service powered by Mechanical Turk from Amazon. This service allows you to cheaply question new users on their experience on your site.

Oops, did I miss some?

If you have read some other great articles in January please drop them in the comments to share with the community! Also, make sure to submit great articles to our resources page!

About the Author

Matthew Kammerer

Matthew sells advertising by day and keeps frogs by night. He was introduced to the world of user experience through his UX Booth cofounders.


  • Nokadota Reply

    I love roundups like these, it just makes my site even better.

  • Chris Robinson Reply

    love the article on the $300 million dollar button, its amazing how one simple change to a process can yield such great results

  • Ryan Kennedy Reply

    Awesome list, thanks so much. Found you on twitter and am having a great time catching up on your blog.

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