March UX Roundup

April 2nd, 2009
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April 2nd, 2009

We’ve done it again! Throughout the month of March we have gathered our favorite user experience related links for your viewing pleasure.

9 great UX presentations to help you build a better website

A roundup of 9 great UX presentations from leading experts in the field. Authors range from Nick Fink of Blue Flavor to Leah Buley of Adaptive Path.

Uselessnism on the Web, at BarCamp

This post, from, discusses Uselessnism on the Web. The post is a compilation of a presentation that was recently given at BarCampSingapore.

7 Common Web Usability Problems

This post discusses many thing we reiterate each time we write site reviews. It is a good read for anyone interested in making their design just that much more usable.

Kindle 2 Usability Review

Jakob Nielsen writes about how Amazon’s new e-book reader offers print-level readability and shines for reading fiction, but it has awkward interaction design and poor support for non-linear content.

Five Great Experiences to Nurture

Adaptive Path, a resource every UX person should be reading, writes on some instances that we should nurture. A great slideshow presentation accompanies this post.

It’s All About The Whole Package…Designing for the User Experience

A site that focuses on interface specifically notes the importance of UX in their work process. It goes on to describe more of how UX takes shape in the lifecycle of a project.

Usability and the user experience

Good Usability’s David Hamill discusses what the difference between usability and user experience is to him.

Why Can’t Error Messages Be Fun?

Jeff Atwood discusses Google’s Chrome browser and the way it presents error messages. He describes Crome as “easily the best web browser I’ve ever used” and goes on to tell us why.

SxSW 2009: Designing Our Way Through Web Forms

The Designing Our Way Through Web Forms panel at South by Southwest Interactive 2009 featured Christopher Schmitt, Eric Ellis, and Kimberly Blessing discussing specific ways to successfully create compelling forms for your users.

TIAL: Friday Vidcast 3-27-09

Aaron is starting vid casts on his blog that commonly discuss IA, UX, and other topics relevant to our field. It is worth checking out. Besides, how cute is he?

Progressive User Adoption

User assistance can add value to a product or Web service’s business model by influencing how deeply users adopt new features or services. As more products employ pay-as-you-go models like that of SaaS (Software as a Service), the contribution user assistance makes becomes increasingly more important.

Gmail intro page

A fun tumblr site called UI Scraps highlights the importance of Gmail’s intro page. UI Scraps details what part of the page really stands out.

You Are (Mostly) Here: Digital Space & the Context Problem

Andrew Hinto of inkblurt shares his presentation he did for A Summirt 2009 in Memphis, TN. The presentation is an insightful slideshow on the User Experience of the Digital Space & the Context Problem.

The changing face of usability testing: Chalkmark releases free service called Treejack

VentureBeat details how the economic downturn has changed the way companies look at examining their user experience. This excellent article details how usability has become more affordable in different ways.

March’s Best of UX Booth

Here are the top three posts in terms of traffic from the month of March:

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture

Information architecture is an often misunderstood job title. Are they designers? developers? managers? All of the above? In this article we’ll discuss what information architecture is, why it’s related to usability, and what are the common tools/programs used in information architecture.

Good Call-To-Action Buttons

The call-to-action button is an important tool in the user experience designer’s box of tricks. In this article I’ll give you a few pointers on providing effective ones.

Quick Usability Checklist

Got a moment to see if your site passes this quick usability checklist? These are some common usability mistakes we encounter on the web while reviewing sites.

Did we miss any?

Did you read something in the month of March we missed? Feel free to drop it in our comments! Also, if you found a resource you loved in particular let us know.

Remember that you can submit resources any time on our resource page. Also, if you find links you’d like for us to include in our monthly roundup just tweet them to me (@mkammerer).