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Q&A with the Speakers of UX London 2010 Q&A with the Speakers of UX London 2010

Sometimes it's important to take a step back from reading articles related to user experience and listen to the stories told by those at the forefront of our discipline. So to that end, we sent out a few questions to the speakers of the UX London conference asking them a couple of questions about how they got started and where they see our industry going

A Brief History of Eye-Tracking A Brief History of Eye-Tracking

Today, eye-tracking is used heavily by marketing groups to craft effective designs in advertising, and by usability researchers to define the optimum user experience. This technology is anything but new though. In fact, eye-tracking goes all the way back to the 1800's.

Mashable Redesign: What Draws Attention? Mashable Redesign: What Draws Attention?

Mashable made a fresh start of the new year by launching a redesign. The intention of which was to put more focus on the stories, remove clutter, and to divide the content into sections. Most readers responded positively. But our team wanted to answer a more targeted question: What are the most attention-grabbing changes in Mashable's new design? In this article we analyze user feedback and exhibit our results.

24 UX Articles to Start 2010 24 UX Articles to Start 2010

We've just begun a year and already I have been overwhelmed with the amazing UX articles, websites, and projects that have cropped up over the past few weeks. It is exciting to see the growth in this upcoming field.

Ambient User Experience Ambient User Experience

Ambient user experience defines the parts of an experience that goes beyond the obvious. Of course our websites need to do what users expect. But our job isn't based on mediocrity. Elevate the experience. Setting up an ambient user experience promotes excitement and may lead to lasting change.