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Top 29 Free UX Tools and Extensions Top 29 Free UX Tools and Extensions

If you're not making use of some of the tools on this list, you ought to be asking yourself, "Why not?". These tools and extensions will speed up your workflow, and help improve your users experience all at once.

Site Redesign Case Study: Site Redesign Case Study:

Today, I'd like to share some visual design changes made on another blog that vastly improved usability. While a solution on one site may not work perfectly for another, there are certainly things to be learned from others success!

Creating Usable Links and Buttons Creating Usable Links and Buttons

In this post, Andrew discusses various ways to interpret and present links and buttons to the user. Emphasis is placed on fitting user's mental models and providing the user with familiar UI-patterns, including extras on demand (progressive disclosure).

Usable User Accounts Usable User Accounts

The user account is the cornerstone of every web application. The author details his experience creating and refining user accounts. Following best practices and common sense, the author yields a set of guidelines to use when designing your own user-account section.