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Matthew’s Review

Initial Impressions

When I first open the page I see the sub header under Marios Tziortzis that says “thoughts, photos and whatnot”. This leads me to believe this is a personal website. As I scroll down I become aware the site looks very WordPress-esque and the two column layout is familiar to me.

Ah hah! I found an about the author section. I have clicked learn more about me to find more about Marios. The use of a “:P” smiley in the about me section makes me a slight connection to this person as I am a large user of smiles in my IM conversations. I am not sure however if this fits well in the paragraph. Possibly a small image of a smile would work better.

What confuses me

I am wondering, what are these three photos along the top? I understand this is a personal site but are these blog post images that are going to lead me to a recent post? No, I am wrong. These photos lead to the Photography tab and show the image.

I also have mixed feelings about the Google ads. I consider myself a web savvy user but these ads are well hidden and I did not expect them at first. I normally would not recommend there to be adsense in a personal site but I guess if this is a decent source of income then they are good to keep.

What I Like

I like that underneath the photos on the Photography page I have a description to help me figure out what is going on. I also am really appreciating the fact that you highlight what page you are on via the navigation. Since there is not much of a color change on this website it helps me keep my barrings.

I really like the animation integrated in the RSS Subscription section, this draws my attention but isn’t too far from what one should expect to be when thinking of RSS. It certainly makes me want to subscribe just a bit more.

What I Suggest

Add a ‘submit’ button to the search bar
Add a back to top link on the Work page. This page is quite expansive and I wish I could return to the top easily after navigating through a few of these sections. The anchors to bring me to different sections of this page work nicely.

I would also suggest that you find consistency on whether or not your links are going to open in a new window. For example, your links on the Work page open in the same window while your contact page links to FaceBook, etc open in a new window. This confuses me as a user.

About the Author

Matthew Kammerer

Matthew sells advertising by day and keeps frogs by night. He was introduced to the world of user experience through his UX Booth cofounders.

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