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As I browse over the homepage of PSD To Life I understand this site offers PSD to HTML conversions. The home page is a bit cluttered and I am struggling to create a path. I want my eyes to establish primary content from secondary content. What is the most important here?

Main Questions:

I feel like the header, slogan to the right of the rotating images, as well as the headings to the first paragraph are all competing with each other. Maybe there needs to be a different font choice involved or sizes that show the user an importance hierarchy.

One of my main concerns with the site is that the text is the same style as the main navigation. It makes me think twice about where I need to go to navigate and find where I want to go.

As I click on the “Get started here” button I am brought to a new page. Singup.php seems to be a contact page and as I read I discover the site does not seem to be complete. This bothers me. A company that is trying to make money by converting PSDs to websites for people is not fully designed? Well, I guess I’ll give it a whirl anyway. I have filled in the contact form but to my surprise there is no blank for me to upload my PSD. What if I was a customer who was used to the competitions website? Am I supposed to await a reply before I send you my PSD? Well, fine.. I’ll try. I have filled in my name and all fields in the contact area and tried THREE times to send my email to you, all three times I see “Error! Please select what this is regarding”. This is frustrating, I have tried all the options from the “Regarding” tab of the contact form and have gotten no emails sent to you!


The footer leaves me with mixed feelings. The colors are so close it is hard to read, and the font is a bit on the small side. As a user I am squinting, looking hard to read what these options are. After some analysis I understand that each group of links goes with one page. I have mixed feelings. As I am navigating through Prices I have clicked on Lite and Super in the footer. These links don’t take me anywhere!

As a user and prospective client I am looking for more of your work. I have seen the rotation in your header. I have seen screen shots. This company is supposed to bring PSDs to LIFE though. The images in the header only show me designs, that I am guessing were not created by PSD To Life. I wish there was a portfolio page with links to sites they have coded.

Another frustration I have with the site is every page I go to I am burdened with this large header with the same rotating images. If I was interested in this feature then I would probably explore it to its full extent on the home page and be done with it, instead I find myself scrolling past it on every new page.

I am currently working on a post about 404 pages so I check the 404 page for this site. I have gone to Luckily I have not gotten to this page through your links. I find a default 404 server error page. This is a bit of a rant and relevant because I am working on 404 usability. However, I feel as a company marketing to designers I would suggest that you create a custom 404 page in case someone is ever lead to a wrong page on your site.


If this site is ready to go live I would hope it would be completed in its entirety. I also would recommend making sure there is a simple, working way to contact you if the user is interested. How else will you get any business?

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