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WebJam ( allows users to create free and premium social networks.

On first glance

As I look at WebJam for the first time I notice one thing right away. The title of the website says ‘WebJam homepage’. Oh no, this is the first thing that a user commonly looks to for a description of what the website is! As I carry on I find that my eye is drawn to a blurb describing what the site does. This is a slight recovery. As I look where to go next I am overwhelmed by the amount of content presented but I am drawn to the Free call to action and click learn more.

So many errors

One of the many encounters with an error message on WebJam

While navigating WebJam I encountered two errors that were in particularly frustrating.

The first of the two occurred when I was trying to add a photo to my profile. I was able to find this upload option, browsed, and selected my photo. After doing this I looked for a button to actually upload the photo I selected. To my dismay I could not find this button, and there for could not upload a custom photo.

The second problem I encountered happened as I was creating a poll for my profile. I chose to add the module. I sat and waited. Nothing happened. I tried to click outside of the box that was poped up I could not exit the selection I made. I was forced to refresh the website and try again. This is the event detailed in the screen shot above.

404 Pages: The good and the bad’s 404 page

When I landed on your 404 page I was slightly excited. I have a thing for 404 pages. There are a few things I’d recommend removing, however. I like that you have the ability to get in touch with Webjam as well as a search feature. I think that News and features should not reside on the 404 page though. Also, when clicking Page Not Found at the top left of a 404 page it thinks I am looking for a Webjam named ‘page not found’. This could lead the user in circles and add to confusion.

So many features, so little time!

As I was adding features to my page I was confused. Why do I not get confirmation on when a feature is added after I click it. Further more, why do I not see an indicator that the feature has already been added to my profile on the selection pane. These additions would increase the user experience.

Two things I like

Helpful tips and tutorials on getting started

I like that when you visit your home page for the first time that you are given tutorials and helpful tips to start modifying your modules, styles, and members.

I also like the wide variety of widgets, or modules, that can be added. However I think that they need to be presented in a different way, as currently they are overwhelming.


  • Add audio to the video tutorials: it takes less effort for the user to learn about your site. It also adds a more personal feel. I found that on my 13 inch macbook I was scrolling to see captions while the video was playing.

  • Only allow certain features to be added once on profiles: I found when setting up my profile I was able to add the same section several times. Some features should be limited to just one per page; for example your profile information.

  • Limit usage of widgets in profile: Confirm modules when added as well as an indicator in the modules list if you are already using them.

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