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The first thing I see when I go to PSDtolife is a rotating computer screen animation, which appears when clicked on to be some kind of ad, next to the words “Bringing your PSD to life”. 

PSD To Lifepsdtolife’s slogan, “bringing your PSD to life”

The first problem here is that I don’t actually know what PSD stands for. 

My first step from there is to click on the About Us section of the site. I’m taken to a very pretty list of information, with FAQ’s, company location, acceptable forms of payment and so on. 

Here I can learn a little more about the company. It looks like they turn web site designs into code. So I’d guess that PSD stands for PhotoShop Design perhaps? 

I’m really not sure.

Looking further, this site has another of my personal pet peeves… things that look like links but aren’t. 

One on One

So now that I’ve ascertained what this company does, I’m going to try and sign up for their service. When I click “Sign Up” it takes me to further details about what they do, but I don’t see where I can actually sign up. On further investigation, this area of the site is still under construction.

Okay, so I’m going to go and ask him a question. I hit contact, scroll down past the enormous header (that is on every single page) and go to enter my information. I see it has a place for my telephone number, which is not my favorite thing, but I enter one anyway. It looks like it went through, which is good, though I had to scroll past that header to check it again. 

Email sent

Next I am going to check pricing options. When I click them, though, it seems like I am stuck on the contact form page. I go to the home section and click the pricing links again. No progress. It seems that the pricing links don’t actually go anywhere. 

The last thing I want to check are the email and Skype links. Both of them go straight to the same contact form, with no actual option to Skype or email him.

So basically it looks like this site is unfinished. There are several references to a “Client Area”, but it is no where to be found. The footer is also a lot of little links close together that could benefit from being cleaned up a little.

I really like the design of this site. It is very clean and pretty. I enjoyed the color scheme greatly. I look forward to this site being completed, and when all the links work. The design could use a little tweaking, but it is a very aesthetically pleasing site.


  • Don’t have the large header with rotating computer screens on every single page. It’s frustrating to scroll past.
  • Make sure that headers don’t look like links unless they actually are links.
  • Make sure you define what “PSD” is somewhere on the site to avoid confusion.
  • Have the “psdtolife” text at the top of the site act as a home button. 
  • Either remove the items from the site that aren’t ready yet, or clearly explain that they are “under construction”. 
  • Make the pricing links go somewhere, even if it is just to a “contact me for pricing” page.
  • Take down the Skype and Email statements and replace them with “contact form” until they are actually ready.
  • Clean up the footer.

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