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This site seems to have a lot going on with a cluttered front page, when in fact it seems like the only thing they really need is for you to click to listen to their radio show. The listen to the show information is pretty clear right off the bat.

What I Liked

It was very clear to me initially what this site does. I feel like they have a decent brand and I know exactly how to both listen to them and subscribe. It’s very usable. The subscribe icons are also very nice.

What Confuses Me

There is too much navigation in the top bar. Some of this could be condensed and the offer to subscribe is repeated a little too much for my taste.
The site is also too dark and the I don’t understand why the forums don’t blend more with the site.


  • Lighten up the site and try to make it more even. It’s very lopsided and cluttered right now.
  • Blend the forums into the site design more so it isn’t such a strong contrast.
  • Condense or rethink the top navigation. There is too much going on up there and some of it is overkill.
  • Add more to the About Us section, including short bios on the DJ’s.
  • Make sure you have a clear Contact Us link somewhere in the site. Right now I have a hard time finding how to get in touch with the site owners.

Important noteRedd is currently without a computer and will fill this full review in more during the week.

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