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Designers vs Developers- Coming together to build the best RIAs

: What is the fastest way to get from a product idea to a rich internet application? By breaking down the communication barriers between designers and developers. This talk takes a quick look at how to build a shared vocabulary and use prototyping to bypass extensive wireframes and development specs. :

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Getting Real About Agile Design

: Software is soft! Welcome changing requirements Simplicity is essential “ Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility” Deliver working software frequently Close collaboration between customer and team Improve the process as well as the software. :

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Affordances in Modern Web Design

: Andrew Maier discusses and defines affordances, a concept that is rooted in psychology, and first manifested within a practical application in industrial design. Andrew then shows how to bring these concepts to web and interface design. Lastly, Andrew speaks to overdesign in interface design and how to avoid it. :

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