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Overcoming the Agile/UCD Divide Overcoming the Agile/UCD Divide

Agile and UCD are two high ideals that revolve around processes. But sometimes they seem to be at odds with each other. This week, author Danny Bluestone attempts to bridge the gap between agile development, and user-centered design.

Stakeholders are People Too Stakeholders are People Too

Designers practice and perfect developing empathy for users. In order to communicate their designs, they need to have empathy for stakeholders, too. This week, author Tom Greever provides advice on how to get through to the stakeholders.

How to Cross the Chasm from Idea to Product How to Cross the Chasm from Idea to Product

It’s no secret - getting from idea to development can be a challenging process, whether it‘s about translating features into a user interface or aligning functionality to a user journey. In this article, Thomas Gläser, Head of UX at Delightex, and Eugene Belyaev, Founder at Delightex, will provide guidance on how to break through and get the job done.