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An Icon is Worth 1,000 Words An Icon is Worth 1,000 Words

Icons are all around us, telling us when we have email, what button will save a draft, and where to find a site's navigation. There are plenty of icon options available; the trick is to identify when to use specific types of icons. This week, Marli Mesibov brings together a number of icon resources and revelations.

Designing with Code Designing with Code

Although many designers are loathe to do it (and with good reason), designing with code helps us articulate the various ways in which our content relates to itself. This, in turn, helps us think more pragmatically about the systems we design. Information architect Andy Fitzgerald shows us how.

15 Desktop & Online Wireframing Tools 15 Desktop & Online Wireframing Tools

Engineered to make the design process as intuitive as possible, wireframing tools allow designers to construct visual representations of their interface before development begins. In this post, Tom Walker gives readers an overview of 15 of the most widely-used applications available. How does your wireframing tool of choice measure up?

Telling Your Website’s Story with Sketchboarding Telling Your Website’s Story with Sketchboarding

Ostensibly, the design process for websites and applications is a breeding (and proving) ground for new ideas. But a confluence of ill-defined experience design process, development methodologies, and varying entry points for those in the design disciplines requires us to take a second look. In this post, Andrew articulates some of the more novel ways in which experience designers are looking at the design process in order to orchestrate better user experiences.