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15 Desktop & Online Wireframing Tools 15 Desktop & Online Wireframing Tools

Engineered to make the design process as intuitive as possible, wireframing tools allow designers to construct visual representations of their interface before development begins. In this post, Tom Walker gives readers an overview of 15 of the most widely-used applications available. How does your wireframing tool of choice measure up?

43 Essential Controls for Web Applications 43 Essential Controls for Web Applications

Familiarize yourself with Rich Internet Application technologies and the best UI controls for creating your application. Rich Internet Application technology has empowered us to create really amazing user experiences. The best RIAs on the web today rely on a discreet set of UI controls to provide a lively and timely experience.

The User-Centered Design Conundrum The User-Centered Design Conundrum

Its not a matter of who wins or loses, it's how you play the game. In this post, Andrew addresses the conundrum facing many UX designers: conducting user research appears to diminish our role as an experience designer. Properly executed, though, design research makes for a valuable return on investment.