Content strategy plans for the creation, curation, and maintenance of text, images, audio, and video. It also defines the tone and character of a business, in order to engage specific user groups and achieve business objectives.

Complications with Content Complications with Content

Content development and strategy can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Neha Singh, content strategist with Yahoo!, takes a look at common frustrating complications that arise with content, along with potential cures.

Getting to Grips with Content Getting to Grips with Content

Interface developer Felicity Evans points out that content development has dropped on the to-do lists of web designers for too long. Since the aim of all design should be to facilitate content, she argues that said content should be a number-one priority via a solid strategy.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy

Ready to get real about your website's content? In this article, we'll take a look at Content Strategy; that odd amalgamation of web savvy, Information Architecture and editorial process that adds up to something infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

About Pages: Good, Bad, and Missing About Pages: Good, Bad, and Missing

John Hyde has uncovered a variety of approaches while researching About Us pages. This post catalogs some of the most notable, eventually exploring why some of the biggest names decide to go "without about."

Stopping Shopping Cart Abandonment Stopping Shopping Cart Abandonment

A good checkout process allows customers to quickly and easily make their purchases online without feeling overwhelmed or confused. In this post, Erin Jo Richey walks us through three common eCommerce usability blunders, and how we can fix them.

Telling Your Website’s Story with Sketchboarding Telling Your Website’s Story with Sketchboarding

Ostensibly, the design process for websites and applications is a breeding (and proving) ground for new ideas. But a confluence of ill-defined experience design process, development methodologies, and varying entry points for those in the design disciplines requires us to take a second look. In this post, Andrew articulates some of the more novel ways in which experience designers are looking at the design process in order to orchestrate better user experiences.