Design philosophy is a reflective action taken to better understand our community’s design culture. Nascent ideas and opinions go on to inform our value systems, our principles, and our processes.

Design for Transcendence Design for Transcendence

Getting lost in the minutiae of user experience research can affect the way we design for the Big Picture. Writer and user experience lead Jod Kaftan discusses why and how you should strive for design transcendence.

User Experience and the Platform War User Experience and the Platform War

EffectiveUI chief executive officer Rebecca Flavin examines how the ongoing "platform wars" effects user experience. Even with all the options in the hands of we designers, it's important to remember that users come first.

User Experience Designer vs. Creative Director User Experience Designer vs. Creative Director

Professionals within our industry are completely awash with opportunities by which they can tweak and cajole better user experiences from their projects. The difficult part is maintaining quality across all of these channels. Because of how multifaceted User Experience is, a user experience designer begins to take on a more directorial position within a project/company, which I see as analogous to that of a creative director.