Research helps teams better understand the people who will use the end-product. From pre-design interviews to post-design usability testing, research helps inform and finesse the final experience.

Mashable Redesign: What Draws Attention? Mashable Redesign: What Draws Attention?

Mashable made a fresh start of the new year by launching a redesign. The intention of which was to put more focus on the stories, remove clutter, and to divide the content into sections. Most readers responded positively. But our team wanted to answer a more targeted question: What are the most attention-grabbing changes in Mashable's new design? In this article we analyze user feedback and exhibit our results.

Review of Review of

For those of us looking for quality usability testing, we know how expensive it can be. is a low-cost alternative that gives you results from remote testers within your niche's demographic.

Introduction to Product Usability Testing Introduction to Product Usability Testing

Usability is one of those crucial elements of a product that we tend to take for granted. When you pick up an object and use it, you often don't think about the countless hours and immeasurable thought that has gone into making that item do what it's intended purpose is.