Design research collects story-driven information about users, helping teams better understand the people for which they design. It includes pre-design interviews and post-design qualitative testing.

A Chat with Bill Gribbons, Part 2 A Chat with Bill Gribbons, Part 2

In the second half of my chat with Bill Gribbons I dig in deep, asking questions related to design education. Dr. Gribbons shares what he feels are necessary components for the continued development our community of practice.

A Chat with Bill Gribbons, Part 1 A Chat with Bill Gribbons, Part 1

Although it's quite common for designers to question their profession, it's rare that they're able to receive answers from knowledgable experts. Given the chance to do just that, I sat down with Dr. Bill Gribbons to discuss universal design, eLearning, and more.

Running a Successful User Workshop Running a Successful User Workshop

User workshops won't tell you exactly what to do but, if run correctly, they can give you invaluable insight at the crucial early stages of a project. Craig Brewster explains everything you need to know to setup and run an in-person event with your users.

Facebook’s Faceoff with Google+ Facebook’s Faceoff with Google+

Facebook didn’t just nail “social;” they created it. But where they sometimes fail – and where Google+ could win out – is usability. Liz Carlson of UserTesting shares results of their organization's latest usability study.