David’s Review of WebJam.com David’s Review of WebJam.com

Webjam.com WebJam.com is a website that allows anyone to create their own social network. It targets several kinds of users including individuals (personal) and larger organizations and brands. The Front Page The front page of WebJam gives me high hopes for the site on first glance. It looks very nicely designed…something that was probably recently […]

Andrew’s Review of www.webjam.com Andrew’s Review of www.webjam.com

Upon first visiting the webjam site, I see “Social Networks Made Easy.” That makes me wonder: What’s hard about social networks? I feel that the color scheme isn’t engaging and notice the bar at the top of the page because of its contrast—yet, it’s clearly geared towards people who have used the site before. I […]

Matthew’s Review of WebJam.com Matthew’s Review of WebJam.com

WebJam (http://webjam.com) allows users to create free and premium social networks. On first glance As I look at WebJam for the first time I notice one thing right away. The title of the website says ‘WebJam homepage’. Oh no, this is the first thing that a user commonly looks to for a description of what […]

Redd’s webjam.com Review Redd’s webjam.com Review

My first impression of WebJam.com is that the site is compartmentalized to a degree and I’m not entirely sure where my eye is supposed to go. I feel like I should be looking at the colored boxes, but I need to read the text to the left of them in order to understand what they […]

Redd’s Savetable.com Review Redd’s Savetable.com Review

As soon as I go to Savetable.com I can instantly tell what it is, due to the helpful phrase “Alaska’s Restaurant Menu Guide” under the logo for the site. Having a quick and easy identifier is a really great start. I’m instantly met with a very dominant search bar, allowing you to search either by […]

Andrew’s review of savetable.com Andrew’s review of savetable.com

The top left quarter of the savetable.com homepage highlights key functionality. The first thing I notice about the site is the design. There is a distinct lack of contrast in the colors and tones used on the page. I’m immediately drawn, instinctively, to the top left of the site. I see a knife and a […]