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My first impression of Regator is favorable. Not only is it a familiar three-column layout, it’s clad in my favorite color: green. The load time is really quick. I immediately notice the gator, very cute. Then I see the title of the site, and the text “The Web’s best blog posts from the web’s best […]

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Regator ( is a ‘bite of the blogosphere’s best’. The website is described in their header as the web’s best blog posts — from the web’s best blogs. The home page My first glimpse of Regator leaves my eyes wondering around the page. The logo in the top left and the header in the top […]

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Regator is a bite of the blogosphere’s best posts, acting as an aggregation service for the webs best content. This Review will be conducted in a slightly different manner from my ordinary style. Since I am familiar with this website/service already, I will instead highlight the areas that I believe could pose usability problems, and […]

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Initial Impressions Regator is a very bright and friendly site from the first look. I like the simple color scheme. Even though there is a lot of text on the screen, I do not feel overwhelmed by it at all. The tag line “The Web’s Best Blog Posts From The Web’s Best Blogs” tells me […]

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FlashDen is a marketplace where you can buy and sell files to use in your Adobe Flash projects. “You’ll find everything from preloaders to site templates, all selling for as little as $1.” The market place is part of the Envato network. Previous Exposure & Review format I have had previous exposure with Envato market […]

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You can’t miss the the “Get Started” on the front page. The first thing I notice is the giant “Get Started!” text, and then the content rotator. I imagine these are different flash elements I can purchase. I immediately glance at the orange navigation in the top left, because it’s so colorful compared to everything […]