David’s Review of FlashDen.net David’s Review of FlashDen.net

FlashDen is a marketplace for buying and selling stock files for Adobe Flash Projects FlashDen is a marketplace where you can buy and sell royalty-free stock files for Adobe Flash projects and general websites. This Review will be conducted in a slightly different manner from my ordinary style. Since I am familiar with this website/service […]

Redd’s Review of FlashDen.net Redd’s Review of FlashDen.net

This is a very well thought out site. From my initial glance I can see exactly what it does. This is a stock Flash site. The layout is simple and not too cluttered. My only concern is that it takes a while to load for me, and some of the images never actually make it. […]

Matthew’s SketchPlanet.com Review Matthew’s SketchPlanet.com Review

SketchPlanet.com Sketch Planet (http://www.sketchplanet.com) is a user driven website that allows people to easily register and sketch their own drawings. Structure of my review My usability review will be a transcription of my thoughts and navigation as I work through the website. I will point out things that I like, dislike, and what confuses me […]

Andrew’s review of www.sketchplanet.com Andrew’s review of www.sketchplanet.com

I’m initially taken aback. I don’t know where to begin on the page. I see a lot of photos that are untitled. There is nothing that really catches my eye aside from that. I notice a panel in the header with a couple of icons over it, but other than that, I don’t feel like […]

Redd’s SketchPlanet.com Review Redd’s SketchPlanet.com Review

This has to be one of the most unusual sites I’ve ever seen. The design is very bare bones, with images of strange little sketches being the dominant feature below the green banner. Looking around, I instantly see the description of what this site is. So what is Sketchplanet? This site allows you to make […]

David’s Review of Sketchplanet.com David’s Review of Sketchplanet.com

Sketchplanet.com The purpose of Sketchplanet (http://www.sketchplanet.com/) is simply allowing a community to sketch and share sketches with each other while using tags and groups to organize the doodles. I’m going to review this in my ordinary fashion, with my initial experience fully written followed by my suggestions for improvement at the end of the post. […]