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Initial Impressions The first thing I notice is the big navigation. It’s hard to miss. Unfortunately, nothing is highlighted, so it’s kind of hard to know where I’m at in the site initially. The background is interesting: a galaxy. I don’t know if that relates to the site in any way, but it is distinctive. […]

Matthew’s Review Matthew’s Review

Elite By Design ( is a combination of three things: a blog about web design, community resources, as well as premium themes. My usability review will be a transcription of my thoughts and navigation as I navigate through the website. I will point out things that I like, dislike, and what confuse me as I […]

Redd’s Review Redd’s Review

Elite By Design is, at first glance, a very monochrome site. When I first look at it, nothing instantly leads my eye. I am not immediately sure where I am supposed to be looking. I notice the Subscription button right away, mainly because it is the only color on the site. The next thing I […]

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The purpose of Elite by Design ( is to provide helpful and insightful articles in the fields of web design, web development, and Photoshop. I’m going to review this in my ordinary fashion, with my initial experience fully written followed by my suggestions for improvement at the end of the post. The Front Page When […]

Matthew’s Review Matthew’s Review

Initial Impressions When I first open the page I see the sub header under Marios Tziortzis that says “thoughts, photos and whatnot”. This leads me to believe this is a personal website. As I scroll down I become aware the site looks very WordPress-esque and the two column layout is familiar to me. Ah hah! […]

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My first impression of this site is that it is very artistic looking. I like the design and the colors very much. It seems well thought out and well put together. It is professional, while at the same time showing a lot of personality. One of the first things that I see is the three […]