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Designing Sites for Nonprofits Designing Sites for Nonprofits

As user experience designers, we seek to create the most intuitive and usable site flows for our end-users. But what about the site admins who use the sites we set up? It's time to consider the usability of the sites themselves, and Myles Dannhausen knows where we can start.

The Science of Happy Design The Science of Happy Design

There's plenty of research on ways that technology negatively impacts our lives, yet very little on how design - an integral part of that technology - might positively impact us. Pamela Pavliscak, a speaker at the upcoming conference Madison + UX, shares a research project that shows how a positive design can benefit our overall happiness.

Discovering the Table Stakes and Delighters Discovering the Table Stakes and Delighters

For years, user researchers have struggled to identify what product features will both accomplish users' goals and truly bring out delight. This week Jana Sedivy introduces a combination of the Kano method and outcome driven interviews to find those elusive delightful features.