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My first impression of this site is that it is very artistic looking. I like the design and the colors very much. It seems well thought out and well put together. It is professional, while at the same time showing a lot of personality. One of the first things that I see is the three […]

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I immediately notice the color scheme and the logo. The typography is crisp and the man standing nearby gives me a comfortable feel. I can tell this is a personal site. The subheading “Thoughts, photos, and whatnot” is inviting and succinct. The navigation is clear. I like the effect around the photos and the content […]

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The banner for Marios Tziortzis website is well placed. So long as it’s mostly for personal use, the name is not a huge problem. The purpose of Marios Tziortzis Personal Site ( is to promote his work, his photography, and to claim his space on the Internet. I’m going to review this in my ordinary […]

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As I browse over the homepage of PSD To Life I understand this site offers PSD to HTML conversions. The home page is a bit cluttered and I am struggling to create a path. I want my eyes to establish primary content from secondary content. What is the most important here? Main Questions: I feel […]

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The first thing that I notice is the color scheme; it’s quite inviting. I do think that it’s very subtle and yet effective. It’s monochromatic, which isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of design, but it’s effective. I think that the site is clean and playful. Because I am a […]

Redd’s Review of Redd’s Review of

The first thing I see when I go to PSDtolife is a rotating computer screen animation, which appears when clicked on to be some kind of ad, next to the words “Bringing your PSD to life”.  psdtolife’s slogan, “bringing your PSD to life” The first problem here is that I don’t actually know what PSD […]