David’s Review of www.psdtolife.com David’s Review of www.psdtolife.com

The purpose of psdtolife (http://www.psdtolife.com) is to convert Photoshop Documents into complete web layouts. However, it doesn’t appear to be quite ready for the public, causing confusion for possible customers. I’m going to review this in my ordinary fashion, with my initial experience fully written followed by my suggestions for improvement at the end of […]

Redd’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review Redd’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review

First Impressions and the Home Page The first thing I notice about this site is the nice big tagline “Takin Names & Kickin Bass”, which I instantly love and adore. It’s very cute and memorable. The logo to the left of the tag line is not very prominent against the busy banner, but it’s a […]

Matthew’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review Matthew’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review

The first impression of outdooradvantageonline.com is a good one. I understand clearly what it is that this business does. I am also encouraged that they not only make these lures but also use the products they make themselves. This gives me a sense of security. As my eyes scan the page I notice the top […]

Andrew’s Review of OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Andrew’s Review of OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com

The first thing I notice is that the font on the page is the same as the default font for the browser (Times New Roman). Is this site only designed half-way? Looking at the header, I see a ‘new’ badge, but can’t quite make out what it’s applied to. Overall, the site looks like a […]

David’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review David’s OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com Review

Outdoor Advantage Online is a straightforward online shop for buying fishing lures, providing what you tend to expect when purchasing items over the net. By fixing some minor flaws, Outdoor Advantage could build a much more trustworthy user experience. My Usability Test The first thing I see when I load OutdoorAdvantageOnline.com is the Outdoor Advantage […]

Matthew’s www.nicholaspatten.com Review Matthew’s www.nicholaspatten.com Review

When I first visit http://www.nicholaspatten.com/ I reach a page that seems to be a video player. A video is playing, but what is it? My first impression of the site makes right click, and sure enough… it’s flash! I am sure UX Booth will feature a post on the usability of flash sites later. First […]