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12 of the Year’s Best Ideas in Interface Design

: This past year, we brought you stories on everything from tweeting toddler toys and streamlined ATMs to news-reading apps and remote controls that magically change channels with a wave of the hand. Though wildly different from one another, these projects share a common denominator: They all display intriguing user-interface innovations. :

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Gently Exceeding Expectations

: Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas’s The Pragmatic Programmer is a bible of sorts when it comes to effective programming. One of the strongest take home points from the book was their advice to gently exceed expectations. It’s one of those little nuggets of advice that is so subtle that it’s easy to go in […]

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Keynote as a collaborative wireframing tool

: I have tried and fallen in love with countless applications, from Balsamiq to Mockingbird to FlairBuilder. Although each has felt like true love, over time my gaze has wandered, and I find myself flirting with another tool. :

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Effective Use of Typography in Applications for Children

: In this installment of my column, I’ll take a look at one of the most important visual design elements for graphic user interfaces: typography. I’ll concentrate on general guidelines for the effective use of typography in the design of applications for children between 3 and 10 years of age. What considerations do we need […]

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iPad usability testing – our equipment

: Following on from James’s post iPad app user testing : Observations from the field, this post reveals the equipment we’ve refined to collect iPad test data and how to deliver an engaging experience for the project owners. :

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Designers are From Mars

: Femme Den’s tagline is “We save good women from bad design.” Going forward, I encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to gender, just as you’d think outside the box for any other design problem. :

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