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Responsive questions

I got an email from Ben Frain recently asking if I’d answer some questions for an upcoming article in MacUser UK about responsive design. Seeing as this is a topic I could natter on about endlessly, I happily obliged.

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There must be 50 ways to close a popup

Apps often need to pop up something over the main UI; common examples would be menus and dialogs. Unfortunately, while apps need popups, documents don’t, and until recently HTML was relentlessly document-focused. It’s frustratingly difficult to do a popup well in a contemporary web app, and so it’s not surprising to see so many apps […]

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Sketchbooks: DIY Instructions by Konigi

This is a guide for binding your own sketchbooks. I offer it to you designers, developers, makers, and tinkerers out there who are looking for a way to physically connect to your practice of designing interfaces, or who maybe just want a fun and practical way to get your hands dirty.

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The Extinction of the Scrollbar

In the new Mac OS X Lion operating system, there has been a noticeable change to the interface: the removal of the scrollbar. Users can adjust their settings to add scrollbars back in, but the fact that this option is even offered speaks volumes about the diminishing role of this once-indispensable interface element.

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