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Natural User Interfaces Are Not Natural

: Gestural interaction is the new excitement in the halls of industry. Advances in the size, power, and cost of microprocessors, memory, cameras, and other sensing devices now make it possible to control by wipes and flicks, hand gestures, and body movements. :

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The Experience Belongs To the User

: We all like to play God. We like to imagine that the design we create is ushered into the world and all those who use it have an epiphany…they do things exactly in the way we have prescribed. :

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Estimated reading time in web design

: About 2 years ago he wrote an “Alertbox” titled How little do users read?. His research suggests that users will read only 18% of your content. Given that I spend a few minutes editing each sentence I write, that’s pretty deflating. Then I thought, what strategies can I apply to increase that number from […]

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Does your website add features or solve problems?

: A big downfall in the IT industry is fixing inventing a problem that doesn’t need fixed. “Problems” are fabricated and “fixed” because we’re too eager to use new technology. This eagerness manifests itself as a superfluous new feature, an implementation that is stimulated by a common misconception that adding more features is a market […]

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An In-Depth Look At My Wireframing Process

: I generally use the Grey-Box Method to create wireframes in Photoshop, though for larger projects or applications I use Mockflow (Premium). Personally the Grey-Box method acts as an intermediary phase between initial sketches and the actual design phase. :

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