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Where Wireframes Are Concerned

: While there remain certain specific contexts where it is advisable to craft and present wireframe layouts for client evaluation and approval, this practice is often a really bad move and one made at the wrong moment in the design process, and for the wrong reasons. :

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A shorthand for designing UI flows

: Flows are just as important to good interfaces as individual screens are. Customers don’t land on screens from out of nowhere. Specific sequences of actions lead customers through your app as they try to accomplish their tasks. :

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Usability and Experience Study

: The Wikimedia Usability Initiative Team partnered with Bolt Peters, a San Francisco, California, user experience consulting firm, to conduct both in-person lab and remote interviews and studies of the general Wikipedia experience, with focus on the editing experience, process, and its successes and failures. The study consisted of 15 one-on-one interviews, each lasting between […]

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Ten UI Lessons from the Real World

: User interface isn’t a subject specific to computers. Every object in the real world has an interface and understanding it is crucial for a correct usage. Some objects are well designed and can offer different types of good reactions when we interact with them. Others aren’t that good and the designer might have missed […]

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What does User Experience mean to you?

: User experience. A word used by so many but understood by so few. Are you one of those who do? Well think again. User experience, like web design, is a constantly changing field. In this article we cover some basic concepts and some helpful suggestions for improving your site’s user experience. :

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Usability Testing: Eye Tracking and Control

: Usability testing is becoming an important participant in designing and developing web sites and application. Good usability can save a company thousands of dollars either in customer satisfaction, reduced time for company employed in performing everyday tasks and so on. Most of the usability testing today is performed using a combination of screen sharing […]

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