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Is Your Registration Process Scaring Away Users?

: When you run a community site, your registration and minimum profile requirements are like the front porch to your home. As technology bloggers we trick-or-treat to at least a dozen sites per day and when you make your porch scary, we’d just as soon skip your house. :

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User Experience and Startups

: Jeff’s short post really resonated with me. I have been thinking a lot about the notion of startups and building a good user experience from the ground up right from the start. So many established companies are struggling to undo years of bad content, bad code, bad design and even simply bad ways of […]

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The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta

: Earlier this month the Boxee beta was released, and the consensus so far is that the overall experience is a huge improvement over the alpha. While I have not been formally engaged with Boxee since May (such is the life of an independent consultant), I am incredibly pleased to see that many of my […]

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The more I know, the less I need: Thoughts on web design

: With the right web analytics tools, you can gain real-time empirical data on your website visitors’ habits in massive quantities. What I’m learning may shock some of you, and it may confirm ideas for others. It’s not far from what I’ve blogged about in the past: Supplemental navigation is, in most cases, visual junk. […]

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Great tips about using flags, colors and flowers in user interface (for applications and websites)

: Often when you are creating and designing user interfaces for your apps or websites you face challenges like how to convey specific language or nation. You might consider using different flags, maps, colors, symbols as a part of your user interface. But that can be challenging and even very dangerous. :

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Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One

: Stories have defined our world. They have been with us since the dawn of communication, from cave walls to the tall tales recounted around fires. They have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same; To entertain, to share common experiences, to teach, and to pass on traditions. Today we communicate a bit […]

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