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10 Ways To Get User Feedback

: Recently I was talking to someone who is relatively new to the field of usability and user experience. He has developed a web application and wanted some ideas for getting feedback from users. He commented that he was planning on sending out a survey to users to see what they think about the web […]

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Temporal User Interfaces

: Temporal User Interfaces Humans mostly use two dimensions to organize and identify things: Space and Time. I’ve talked about how people use space to organize and identify things in my article on spatial thinking. So let’s talk about time now. :

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: Brainstorming is long-established way to generate ideas and classic technique. On the one hand it’s well-known on the other hand it’s all too often misinterpreted. Brainstorming, however valuable it is, will fail and will not succeed before it is put to action correctly and in a approved manner :

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Design trends for 2010: Web development trends for 2010

: Trends appear and disappear. Here are some of web development trends that will dominate during the 2010. Article is covering 5 trends regarding the web development. From real-time web and collaboration to geo-tagging and RIA frameworks… See what is new and coming in 2010 and stay ahead of the curve! :

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