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The Construction of Instruction

: If the world were made to my specifications, all your clients would be happy to pay for a web writer to craft every sentence into something as elegant as it was functional, and the client would have planned the content so that you had it just when you asked, but we both know that […]

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more consistent an application, the more usable it is

: agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole When people say that an application is «consistent» with its host system, they usually mean that the application «agrees» with its host system by being «similar» to other applications on that system. :

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Snap! Photography and the Culture of Instant Gratification

: Most fathers would do anything for their daughters, but Edwin Land took a simple question from his inquisitive child and changed the world of photography forever. “Why can’t I have them right away?” asked the small girl, as her father—a successful chemical scientist—took photographs on a family vacation. :

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