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Components, Patterns, and Frameworks! Oh My!

: Somewhere, right now, there’s a team creating a new design with some amazing, never-before-seen functionality. And to take advantage of that awesome, groundbreaking functionality work, their users will need to login. Login functionality isn’t new. It’s not awesome. It’s not very challenging to develop. Teams are designing this functionality as if it’s never been […]

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UI Scraps

: A collection of good, bad, and noteworthy interface designs found by Jason Robb. Examples and explanations of interaction design and how it relates to experience design. :

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Good pathway pages

: Your website is just a series of inter-linked pages, but some of those pages are very different from others. In this post, I’m going to talk about pathway (or gateway) pages. I want to help you to identify pathway pages and explain some considerations you should make by discussing real examples. :

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How to Innovate by Observing Customers

: You probably think that innovation is something people do in bright conference rooms with flip charts, colored pens, and sticky notes. If your answer is Yes, you are partially right, that’s how a lot of innovation is done. However, sometimes the best innovation happens, not when you are in a conference room, but when […]

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UX Books for non-UX people

: “If you create digital products, you have a responsibility to make them easy to use.” – Whitney Hess She’s absolutley right, we do. The UX community embraces this idea. It champions a very worthy cause. Making products work better for people. And it’s a great community for sharing it’s expertise. Loads of great blogs, […]

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8 Characteristics Of Successful User Interfaces

: There is a lot of information out there about various interface design techniques and patterns you can use when crafting your user interfaces and websites, solutions to common problems and general usability recommendations. Following guidelines from experts will likely lead you towards creating a good user interface — but what exactly is a good […]

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In Defense of Eye Candy

: We’ve all seen arguments in the design community that dismiss the role of beauty in visual interfaces, insisting that good designers base their choices strictly on matters of branding or basic design principles. Lost in these discussions is an understanding of the powerful role aesthetics play in shaping how we come to know, feel, […]

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What Is User Experience Design

: User experience design can sometimes be a slippery term. With all the other often used terms that float around in its realm in the technology and web space: interaction design, information architecture, human computer interaction, human factors engineering, usability, and user interface design. People often end up asking “what is the difference between all […]

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