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UX Exchange Post talks Potential UXE Shutdown

: I’m being reminded again that UXE only has until the 13th April 2011 until it could be shut down. This isn’t a reflection on the community or on my want to personally fund and to support the site. Despite my offers to StackExchange it’s become clear that I cannot continue this site as is. […]

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How to Integrate Strategy-Focused Activities into Your Process

: Most clients think they know their business and when they approach User Experience professionals, they’re anxious to get wireframes cranked out. How do we get clients to take a step back and engage in strategic type activites to optimize their technology solutions? :

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4 forgotten principles of usability testing

: Many usability tests are worthless. Researchers recruit the wrong kind of participants, test the wrong kind of tasks, put too much weight on people’s opinions, and expect participants to generate design solutions. :

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In Search Of The Perfect CAPTCHA

: CAPTCHAs, or Completely Automated Public Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, exist to ensure that user input has not been generated by a computer. These peculiar puzzles are commonly used on the Web to protect registration and comment forms from spam. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about CAPTCHAs. They have […]

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Persona Template

: A persona template has just been shared by the folks over at Orange Bus. Perhaps what might be interesting about this particular one is that it invites quick and dirty hand drawing or writing. :

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Build a Strong UX Foundation

: Quick: Explain why the long E sound in the word treat is spelled “ea”, but for the same sound in the word wheel it’s “ee”. Now explain how one-third is the same as two-sixths. Now explain why a ten-cent coin in the U.S. is smaller than a five-cent coin. But wait, you have to […]

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The Godaddy UX (fail) – Results

: After a quick usability test of the Godaddy site, some interesting results have started to come in. We’ve done a quick dissection of these results to see just what is amiss with the Godaddy service. :

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