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: We create concept maps, a type of model, to explore and learn about complex information spaces. By showing everything—the forest and the trees—in a single view, concept maps help people create mental models and clarify thoughts. We create concept maps to share understanding— with our clients, peers, and others interested in the subjects. : […]

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: is a community of people passionate about user experience. We do free video reviews of websites for our members. Our members can also compete in usability contests where they can win cash prizes by reviewing usability of other websites. Members have access to our free usability testing platform, which they can use to […]

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Loop11 – Online, Unmoderated User Testing

: Loop11 is a web-based user-experience testing tool, allowing companies to conduct remote, unmoderated user testing on any kind of digital interface. Loop11 provides the ability to gain detailed insights and understandings of user behaviour. These insights are obtained via a live interactive environment where users are asked to complete a series of tasks and […]

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Clixpy – a usability tool for webmasters

: Clixpy tracks everything your site’s users do: mouse movement, clicks, scrolling, form inputs. You can watch and examine videos showing your users’ actions. It’s very easy to install, just by pasting a few lines of JavaScript code in your site’s HTML. When users browse your website Clixpy traces everything they do and then plays […]

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User Experience Sketches Flickr Group

: New UX sketch group on Flickr. This group is a collection of user experience sketches from a variety of designers solving a various problems from all around the world. A sketch is 1. Unpreciousness : Sketches are not precious and can destroyed to make room for more ideas. 2. Quick : Sketches don’t take […]

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Web Usability: Are Men Hunters & Women Browsers?

: Andy King, author of Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets posted Usability Study: Men Need Speed yesterday — citing a study by Southern Illinois University on how men and women use the web. The researchers found that both men’s and women’s top priority is ease of use, with web speed men’s […]

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The Interaction Design Association (IxDA)

: The IxDA is a novel kind of “un-organization” and there is no cost for membership. IxDA relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community. With over 10,000 members worldwide and almost 70 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues […]

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