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Website Usability Testing: What To Test

: Learning to test the right things when usability testing means you get great results that can have a huge impact on your site or application. Read on for some great advice on knowing what to test. :

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Usability in Icons

: In many apps, icons are used to illustrate a specific function — it can be used for everything from information to actions. But if the user doesn’t understand the icon, what’s the point? :

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Unsolicited Redesigns

: If you read design blogs, you’ll sometimes see designers to unsolicited redesigns of existing products. What you usually do not see, however, is the original designer answering, and explaining the rationale behind the original design. Tim Van Damme redesigned the iPad version of Instapaper. Now, Instapaper developer and designer Marco Arment has responded to […]

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Thinking about design process: simple or complex?

: In its most generic form, design refers to a plan for the construction of an object or a system. As such, it often requires disciplined set of steps, often called design process. It’s initial idea and purpose is to provide well established framework, foundations for design-related work. But often, design process can be too […]

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Beyond the UISplitViewController

: Apple came out with the split view on the iPad to take advantage of the big screen but they did not go as far as they could in providing ways to display more content on the iPad while keeping is elegant. Developers came out with solutions that are both visually nice while being a […]

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UX LX Day 2

: Trading cards of UX luminaries was well under way by day 2 of UXLX. Today, we had topics ranging from site strategy to comics. :

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UX LX Day 1

: With sun, sea, and a tropical 30 degrees C outside, no wonder people kept saying that UXLX felt like a vacation. You might think it a pity to be indoors. Luckily day one of the conference kicked off with some cracker material that justified staying inside. :

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