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The Value of Context in Design Pt.1

: This article takes a look at how context relates to interaction design it is becoming very clear to me that it has immense value on a few different levels, a value that is often overlooked or missed as we move through the various stages within design process. :

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iOS Usability Tips and Resources for iPhone and iPad Apps

: The process required for designing mobile applications takes dedication and eye-numbing precision. Most graphics designers won’t spend their time in this area since pixel-perfect creation becomes tiresome quickly. And although mobile design isn’t for everyone it does hold a special place in the hearts of many. :

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Cognitive Styles: Get inside the user’s head

: We pour over analytics, conduct ethnographic studies, and interview users in order to understand the demographics, goals, and tasks of the people using our product. We create personas, write scenarios, and list use cases. And so we should; understanding who our users are and what they want to achieve is foundational to our job […]

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The Angst of Accessibility

: There are many things in the world of web-development that are contentious, controversial, or provoke a passionate response. Some people’s feathers are easily ruffled by talk of legacy IE support, some by whether vendor extensions to CSS are a good idea; for some, you only have to mention HTML5 to get a tirade of […]

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CSSsitemap System

: Since the initial work on CSSsitemap, Andrew Maier and I have been pretty busy working on an array of other tools that are a bit specific to a project we’re collaborating on presently. The result: almost no time has been invested in CSSsitemap since the first in-house version. :

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