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Information Architecture 101: Techniques and Best Practices

: Information architecture (IA) is an often-overlooked area of website design. Too often, as designers, we just let the CMS we’re using dictate how content for a site is organized. And that works fine as long as the site fits perfectly into the narrow content formats most CMSs are designed around. :

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Killing Sign Up Forms

: In my recent Sign Up Forms Must Die presentation, I outlined a few solutions for getting people engaged with digital services without asking them to fill in a bunch of input fields up front. In case you are interested in trying one of these alternatives to sign-up forms, here are some resources to get […]

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End hover abuse now

: I’m hardly a design dogmatist, but it’s time for an exception. All around the web, hover states are being abused, and only you can put a stop to this. :

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UX Week 2010

: August 24-27, 2010 UX Week is the premier user experience conference. Join us this fall for a mix of inspiring talks from recognized thought leaders and hands-on workshops delivering takeaway skills. This event delivers for user experience practitioners of all levels. :

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Shades of Grey: Wireframes As Thinking Device

: My good friend Russ Unger recently published a book for Peachpit entitled A Project Guide to UX Design, and he asked me to contribute some designs for his chapter on wireframing, which I was pleased to do. He provided me with some background information and requirements for the redesign of a fictitious cruise line […]

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User Experience Deliverables

: This list describes twenty user experience deliverables with links to relevant resources and examples. Clearly, these artifacts of the process are not the whole story. We must also think about the relationship between goals, methods, and documents. And yet, for many of us, deliverables are the coin of the realm and merit special attention. […]

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