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Fi Case study: Designing CNN

When CNN approached Fi it was a thrilling moment here at the agency. Since 1999 we saw the world famous news brand pioneer within the digital space especially around news content. Below is our story covering our journey to redefine the channel online.

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Why most UX is shite

I was invited to speak at the MonkiGras event this week where getting a little sweary and ranty is kind of encouraged (it goes well with the craft beer consumption that is an integral part of the conference mix). This was my contribution.

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A plea for progressive enhancement

This is vitally important people so listen up. The web now connects a third of our planet. Over 1.2 billion people [1] use the web on devices, and this number is rising fast. Mobile already amounts to close to 6.5% of web traffic worldwide, and large sites such as Facebook and YouTube routinely report mobile […]

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Defining Community

When you hear the word ‘community’, what is it that comes to mind? For most people, it’s a vague image of a group of people but… with something more there. So, the job title Online Community Manager doesn’t really conjure up any clearer an image. Thankfully, I put together a book to make it easier.

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Competing With an Archetype

There’s an interesting post over at TechCrunch discussing the current hot topic of the iPad design — or more specifically: how Apple has created a design for a tablet that is so simple and obvious that their competition has no other way forward but to implement their own products the same way, suffering Apple lawsuits […]

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Good UX in the Wild: Dropbox’s attention to detail on their download page

: Sometimes good UX is about being clever. Sometimes it’s to make the user happy or smile. However, when the success of your product depends on new, possibly inexperienced users successfully downloading and installing it, good UX is the difference between success and failure. :

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OmniTouch – Touch screen for any surface

: Microsoft Research will unveil OmniTouch, a touch screen for any surface, at UIST 2012. Chris Harrison wrote about the research he did on the project. It is uncanny how simular this work is to MIT’s SixthSense which I have written about back in 2009. :

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Going down the right Path

: We don’t often write about products that we didn’t work on, but I came across Path last night and felt it was worth talking about. Path has been around since November of last year. I only vaguely remember looking at it when it first launched, and I don’t even recall what it did – […]

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