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Build a Strong UX Foundation

: Quick: Explain why the long E sound in the word treat is spelled “ea”, but for the same sound in the word wheel it’s “ee”. Now explain how one-third is the same as two-sixths. Now explain why a ten-cent coin in the U.S. is smaller than a five-cent coin. But wait, you have to […]

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The Godaddy UX (fail) – Results

: After a quick usability test of the Godaddy site, some interesting results have started to come in. We’ve done a quick dissection of these results to see just what is amiss with the Godaddy service. :

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An Ethnographic Analysis of UX Professionals

: As a manager, you strive to see 6-12 months beyond what your team is currently working on. In addition to roadmaps, you’re also thinking about aligning projects with their professional careers. A while ago, I wanted to make sure that I was doing a service to our Meebo UX team and that I understood […]

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The Godaddy User Experience (fail)

: A dissection of the Godaddy UX, what it does wrong, and how it could improve. The conclusion is pretty much spot on – try anyone else but Godaddy, unless you’re into the hard sell. :

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30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of

: You don’t have to agree upon everything. As a professional web developer you are the advocate of your visitors’ interests and needs; you have to protect your understanding of good user experience and make sure the visitors will find their way through (possibly) complex site architecture :

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