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Usability and CSS3 Columns

: While considering the influence of print on web design, we’ll look at the issue of how usability can potentially be impacted by some potential uses of CSS columns. :

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Andrew Maier of UX Booth talks content strategy

: Andrew Maier, co-founder and Editor in Chief of UX Booth joined me to talk about content strategy. Andrew has a wealth of experience in designing engaging websites and helping companies develop their content strategy to engage their audience. :

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You’re not a user experience designer if…

: The UX field is booming. It seems like the number of user experience practitioners has doubled in the last year — from newbies who’ve just entered the workforce, to mid-career changes, to folks who’ve been doing this all along but finally found out what to call themselves. :

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Designing UX Exchange

: A few weeks ago Jin Yang got in touch with me regarding potential UX Exchange design work. UX Exchange is a Q&A site in the Stack Exchange (SE) family of websites, the most famous of which you probably know: Stack Overflow. Every SE site has its own look and feel, and as the UX […]

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Design Is Not The Goal

: There is a well-known saying by Benjamin Franklin that states, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” If we take that lens to interaction design, we could say: In design nothing can be said to be certain, except eye candy and following new trends. The screens are […]

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7 Steps to a Kick-Ass UX Portfolio

: I was reminded over Twitter of a post I made to the Interaction Design Association list regarding the design of a UX portfolio for someone looking to move into their next great job. Here is the edited version of that post. :

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Test before you spend: simple early stage user testing

: An astonishing design, wide content, and innovative interactive elements might be of no use if not focused on the future user. The actual users foreknowledge, needs, and interests must be met to offer both a satisfying source of information and positive user experience. This sounds complicated, but really, user centred design is just a […]

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