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UI Placeholders Confuse Users and Corrupt Engineers’ Souls

: Putting “placeholders” in the application user interface is a bad practice that conflicts with Agile development methodology, confuses users, gives engineers a false sense of accomplishment, and should be banned. If a feature or object isn’t serving some purpose today, it shouldn’t be in the user interface at all. :

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Facebook recruits for user research…on Facebook

: Apple always gets flack for not conducting user research (even though that’s a myth — it’s market research they don’t conduct). Apparently Facebook doesn’t feel the same way about keeping their research under wraps. I recently happened upon an interesting page on Facebook where they allow people to apply to participate in user research […]

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How to do A/B Testing in WordPress

: We recently posted about how 37signals increased their sign-ups by 200% with A/B Testing. A lot of you are using WordPress, which makes A/B testing pretty tricky, so we’ve recorded a screencast tutorial to show you how to do it. :

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Wirify: The web as wireframes

: Interaction designers spend a fair bit of time creating and revising wireframes in the early phases of our online projects. Whatever your take on wireframes is, they are a mainstay in the user experience professional’s toolkit. Although typical wireframes are essentially dead documents, they’re extremely helpful as thinking and communication tools during a project. […]

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Testing Content

: Nobody needs to convince you that it’s important to test your website’s design and interaction with the people who will use it, right? But if that’s all you do, you’re missing out on feedback about the most important part of your site: the content. :

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Why we need UX Apprenticeships

: The subject of design education, UX careers, and mentoring has been on my mind a lot lately. It wasn’t long ago that I was looking for UX job and I’ve learnt a lot in the process, not to mention the experience I’m gaining on the job right now. :

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