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Shorten & Read Comfortably with

: It works like any other link-shortener except for one very important distinction: it bakes the power and convenience of Readability right into the link. If anyone opens an link, they’ll see a reading view option up top that lets them turn on Readability. If they open the link on a mobile device, a […]

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A simple usability/UX checklist

: A good list of points to remember when considering the usability and user experience of your website, with a handy PDF worksheet you can print off and use whenever you are designing or redeveloping a site. :

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What 8-Bit Video Games Can Teach Us About Design And UX

: While some of the NES library was filler, there were many standouts that used the limitations of 8 bit technology as strengths, rather than weakness. In this article, we’ll learn how to gain inspiration from those interactive icons of yesteryear. Let the past inspire the future! :

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Futuristic Online Sales uses Minority Report like style

: Instead of tirelessly skimming through endless static product lists, 3LiveShop lets you engage in a one-on-one video session with a sales rep. But instead of a dull Skype-like voice chat, the sales representative on the other end converses with the customer augmented-reality style via a multitouch screen. :

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Toddler app user interface guidelines

: My son Eli has been using iPad apps since he was one and we have about 50 toddler apps. With the big caveat that this post is based off essentially a sample size of one, here are some toddler app user interface guidelines. :

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The Psychology of Shop Floorplan Design

: This talk by Professor Alan Penn of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture is quite brilliant. He reveals loads of resonance between physical shop floorplan design and UI design for ecommerce, plus he explains exactly how Ikea employ Dark Patterns. Here are some excerpts paraphrased from Alan’s talk. :

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The fall and rise of user experience

: A transcript of my closing plenary at the IA Summit 2011 in Denver, Colorado. My user experience career began in 2002, when my government employer asked me to organise its hefty information stocks, and look for ways to publish them on its lousy website. :

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Participant Centric Card Sort Analysis

: Two days ago I presented this poster to the crowd at the IA Summit 2011 in Denver, Colorado for the Poster Session. We’re trying to address two issues with Card Sort Analysis and this poster is a discussion piece for a proposed new algorithm for analysis. :

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Why Designers Should Give a Bleep (About Search)

: Hi there, it’s Tyler Tate (we collaborated on the “Fidelity of Design” article a few months back). I just wrote a blog post I thought you might be interested in adding to your Resources section. Below is the description. Cheers, Tyler ————– The designer triumvirate of information architects, user experience professionals, and interaction […]

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