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Super-fast research recruiting with TaskRabbit

We’ve made user research a priority at our startup, but recruiting participants remains a time-consuming part of the process. To speed things up, I’ve been hiring TaskRabbits as research participants. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fast, cheap, and reliable way to find people who can participate in user studies.

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Airbnb UX Wins and Losses

Airbnb, like many startups following in its path of collaborative consumption or others simply trying to power offline action, have the challenge of earning user trust. While PR, word of mouth, and direct outreach can alleviate some trepidation, the product is where Airbnb seals the deal.

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User Experience is Not Enough

I’ve been a user experience designer for the entirety of my career. And in the decade I’ve spent doing this work, I have discovered that there is only one universal truth about how to design an extraordinary user experience: you must design an extraordinary company first.

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